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  1. If I lose my glasses once more this week, I am going to glue them to my head. Terry had already lost one family member to the cult. He did not want to lose another. The surveillance team is likely to lose the target when he enters the park. "Here, geezer, if you don't shift those clock radios, I'll lose sovs.".
  2. It may help visual learners to picture lose and loose as ropes. Loose would be a longer rope than lose because of the extra O. So, loose is looser than lose. A single letter distinguishes lose and loose, but you can tell them apart if you use a mnemonic. Practice makes perfect.
  3. Define lose. lose synonyms, lose pronunciation, lose translation, English dictionary definition of lose. to experience loss: lose your keys; lose money Not to be confused with: loose – not tight or bound: loose clothing Abused, Confused, & Misused Words by Mary.
  4. LOSE; The verb lose is used when we stop having (no longer have) something, or we gradually have less of a particular attitude, quality, ability etc.. Sophie will lose her tooth in a day or so. (become unattached) You might lose your dog if you don't keep him inside. (allow to runaway) Our team needs to play better or we will lose the game. (fail to win) Have you lost weight.
  5. Oct 28,  · It’s not normal for adult cats to lose any teeth. In adult cats, dental disease can start to escalate, and tooth loss can occur in cats suffering from severe dental issues. Dental Disease and Tooth Loss in Adult Cats. While cats do not develop cavities like humans do, this does not make them exempt from dental disease and tooth loss.
  6. Think back to a really vivid memory. Got it? Now try to remember what you had for lunch three weeks ago. That second memory probably isn't as strong— but why not? Why do we remember some things, and not others? And why do memories eventually fade? Catharine Young gives the basics on memory and memory loss. [Directed by Patrick Smith, narrated by Pen-Pen Chen].
  7. (25) Whosoever will save his life, whosoever will lose his lifeThere is a subtle distinction between the two clauses in the Greek which the English fails to represent. "Whoso ever willeth--i.e., wishes--to save his life" (the construction being the same as in Matthew ) in the first clause, "Whosoever shall lose his life" in the second.

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